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The Gym

The gym offers a broad range of resistance machines, free weights and cardiovascular equipment. Whether you are advanced or a complete beginner, all members receive a frequent workout review to keep the programme motivating, challenging and progressive.

Fitness need not be repetitive and these sessions offer you a great opportunity to learn about new equipment and try something different.
Cardio Kit
Cardiovascular exercise is a great way to increase your metabolic rate, decrease stress and reduce your risk of a host of health problems. Regardless of your level if your goal is to increase your stamina and fitness or to burn fat the cardio kit is the place to start.
Resistance Kit

We have a complete range of resistance kit consisting of isolated machines which are perfect for those focusing on a specific muscle group or for rehab purposes, a multifunctional cable machine which is great for those working on their core and a complete free weights room for those wishing to burn fat, increase strength or change their body shape.
Power Plates

A great way to exercise if you're short of time. More than that the Power Plates offer the capacity for whole body massage to enhance relaxation. Make sure you try out our 30 minute Power Plate classes or book in for your very own personalised program.

Why not relax and unwind in our spa area. Consisting of sauna, steam room and Jacuzzi it's the perfect place to soak your muscles and alleviate stress.
The Members Lounge

Relax in comfort in our member's lounge where you will find a fully licensed bar, complimentary tea and coffee, a wide range of magazines and daily newspapers.